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Special Education Parent Advisory Council
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Massachusetts Special Education Law (Section 3 of Chapter 71B) requires every school district to have a SEPAC. This council is charged with:
“…The parent advisory council duties shall include but not be limited to: advising the school committee on matters that pertain to the education and safety of student with disabilities; meeting regularly with school officials to participate in the planning, development, and evaluation of school committee’s special education programs. …”
This is YOUR parent advisory council.
Be involved! Help improve special education services in Barnstable Public Schools.

Welcome to Barnstable SEPAC

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Executive Director of Special Education Search – Update September 2018

The Search Committee met at the end of October. Some applications have been received.
Once a sufficient number have been received, the Committee will meet agaain.

IMPORTANT Information About IEPs:
The District switched to a new IEP software program this school year. The District claims they are experiencing glitches with the software.

Because of this check your IEP carefully:

  • Make sure the Page # of # is displayed (i.e. Page 2 of 22) at the bottom of each page to ensure the IEP you received is complete.
  • Service Delivery Grid – “Use multiple copies of this form as needed” is printed under Grid C. Request another page if you need more rows in parts of the Service Delivery Grid. Do not allow the District to remove services because there isn’t enough space. The District says it will put the information requested in the “notes” instead. This is unacceptable. ALL SERVICES YOUR CHILD NEEDS MUST APPEAR IN THE GRID.
The state requests the Grid when investigating parent complaints about service delivery – if it isn’t in the Grid, it may not be a service that is covered under the law. This includes the details for each service (for example: type of service provider)

Always read the IEP you receive carefully to ensure everything is correct BEFORE signing. If it is incorrect, DO NOT SIGN IT.

Parents have reported:

  • Parts missing from their IEPs
  • Service Delivery Grid – missing services and inaccurate information
Next Meeting - Tuesday January 29, 2019
Barnstable Intermediate School Cafeteria
895 Falmouth Road, Hyannis

6:00PM ~ SEPAC Meeting
6:30PM ~ Presentation: Homework Strategies that Work!

All involved in Barnstable Public Schools are encouraged to attend.

Child care is provided ~ Pizza & Water served.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no meeting in December 2018

All Are Welcome!
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P.O. Box 623, Centerville, MA 02632

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